Studio Policy


1. TUITION: Private lesson prices are different for each instructor. (Ex. In Timothy’s case $75/hr lesson; $270/4package [$300 full price] with 10% discount). Group Voice lessons are $50/2hr class; $180/Monthly ($225/5 week month) with 10% discount. Lesson fees are encouraged to be paid before a session, either weekly or monthly, the Friday preceding the first Monday session or minimum 3 days before a private lesson.

2. RUNDOWN OF VALUE: Here is what you can expect from us… >We promise to treat all students and families with care and respect. >We will always give you our best, when it comes to instruction >We will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner. >We will always strive to be on time. >We will always listen when you have a concern, and try our best to solve the problem. >We will always own up to our mistakes. (On the rare occasion that we are human 🙂 …)

3. EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENT/PARENT: Here are a few ways you can help us… All we ask is that you return the favor in your own way! >Be on time to all scheduled lessons, classes, rehearsals, performances. >Do your best to schedule appointments, keeping in mind your commitment to your lessons, classes, rehearsals, performances. > Let us know if you see a way we can improve our services. We want to be our best! If we see a way to make it happen, we will. Disclaimer: Child protection: All students under the age of 18 must have the permission of a parent in either written form or after personal meeting with the parent and an initial verbal agreement between parent and instructor(s) is reached; for children 14 and younger, the parent is required to attend the lesson with the student. Furthermore the instructor will at all times instruct in an open unlocked setting with at least an open door or window, and can be easily accessed from a main hallway or staircase.

4. BOOKS AND FEES: Other things you will need- On top of fees, you are also responsible for additional necessities for our classes, lessons, performances. *Recording device for all sessions. *Sheet music for all covers or standards need to be provided to the instructor before starting any song. *Likewise any recording available by an artist should be provided in advance. *Notebook and PENCIL should always be brought to class. *Recital fee is the same as the class fee ($50 unless otherwise specified).

5. LIABILITY WAIVER: Damage to our property or the studio’s property or equipment- If you (or anyone you bring to the studio with you that is NOT a student) damages our property or the studio’s property or equipment, out of respect for what we are trying to do, please offer to make it right. We are friends here but we (the instructors and studio owners) will not be held accountable for damages incurred by the student. We expect our students to be just as responsible as we are. Liability- There is very little risk involved with singing and performing on a stage; however we know that people have accidents and bad things can happen. Please understand that we work hard to plan all of our events so that everyone is as safe as possible. In the event something bad happens, we will be there to provide our support to the best of our ability, but we will not be held liable for any incidents committed by the student.

6. EXCHANGE OF MONEY: PAYMENT *Tuition must be PRE-PAID! *Check- We accept check payments. If the check bounces the student is responsible for all fees incurred on both sides (student and instructor). *Paypal- Payments done through paypal must add a 3% transaction fee to your payment (ex. $50 + %3). *Cash- We accept single class cash payments a week in advance only unless otherwise agreed upon by the instructor. *Late Fees- If you have not made your payment within the requested time frame, a late fee charge of $5 will be added to your payment (unless discussed with instructor in advance). Note: We will gladly provide a receipt upon request for all transactions. Disclaimer: If a student pays and schedules a lesson day/time but doesn’t show up, the student forfeits their payment for that lesson and it is non refundable.

7. CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations by the studio or instructors- If we cancel for any reason, we will make it up. If we can’t, it will be credited back to you! >By default we are not in session on major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. We will typically have classes/lessons on days like Presidents day, etc… >Cancellation of classes, lessons, rehearsals, performances due to unsafe weather will be up to the discretion of the instructor and studio/location. >We will typically follow the local school district’s decision on school closure and cancellation of after school activities. School delays will not affect our activity, as no events or classes occur before or during school hours. >Rehearsals and Classes will be made up. We will decide the best time to make up a session. Typically we call and extra rehearsal or class before a major performance/event. The fee for those instances will be discussed by the class and agreed upon by the instructor(s). Make up Notifications will be sent via text message and via email. Cancellations by the student/parent- Instructors are not required to make up a lesson/class missed by the student for any reason.

8. LEAVING THE STUDIO: Cancellation of Membership- We’re sorry to see you go! Give word to your instructor(s). Prepaid tuition IS NON-REFUNDABLE but if you should decide to return within 6 months of your resignation, we will gladly apply your balance towards the continuance of your lessons.

9. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: All information concerning your class or lesson will be communicated via text, Facebook (for group classes) and or email so please check your Facebook, email and text messages daily.

10. FREEDOM OF MUSICAL EXPRESSION: We will always expect and encourage full participation of our students to feel as free as possible to express themselves musically. The student must always be prepared to engage in musical creativity exercises.

Registering with us means that you agree with the policy and a hard copy will be provided with a required signature before starting the workshop.

If you purchased your class through CourseHorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please visit the Coursehorse  site and contact their customer service team.